Dry Vans

NEW 2019 Vanguard VXP High Base Rail
Size: 53' x 102"
Qty: 6

New 2019 Vanguard High Base Rail Plate Vans, Tire Inflation System, Air Skirts, Aluminum Roof, Logistic Seams on 48" Centers, Swing Doors.

Price $30,500 FET Included                

NEW 2018 Vanguard Maxcube
Size: 37' x 102
Qty: 2

NEW 2018 Vanguard 37' Tandem Trailers, Sliding Air-Ride Suspension, Aluminum Roof, Logistic Side Post on 16" Centers, 18" HDPE Scuffband, Plastic Lining Between Post, Vents Front & Rear, Roll Door with FLUSH Rear Frame for Possible Future Installation of Liftgate.

Price $31,500 FET Included                

2007 Wabash 
Size: 53' x 102"
Qty: 5

Nice '07 Sheet & Post Vans, Logistic Side Post on 16" Centers, White Plastic Lining Between Post, Sliding Air-Ride Suspension, 22.5 Tires with Tire Inflation System, Aluminum Roof.

Price $11,900                

2005 Wabash Duraplate
Size: 53' x 102"
Qty: 1

Decent Duraplate Van, Sliding Air Ride Suspension, Aluminum Roof, Logistic Seams, Swing Doors.

Price $10,900                

2005 Great Dane Liftgate
Size: 53' x 102"
Qty: 4

53' Vans with Maxon BMR-44 Railgates, Large Platform with Retention Ramp, Sliding Air-Ride Suspension, Translucent Roofs, Logistic Side Post, Roll Doors, 22.5 Tires, Detailed. Trailers and Lifts have been Serviced and Inspected.

Price $13,800                

2001 Trailmobile Roll Door
Size: 53' x 102
Qty: 1

Solid Older Van with Roll Door, Sliding Air Ride Suspension, Logistic Side Post, Aluminum Roof, 22.5 Steel Disc Wheels.

Price $6,950                

1997-1999 Various Pup Trailer
Size: 28' x 102"
Qty: 4

Decent Older Pup Trailers. Great for Local Deliveries, Farm Use, or Storage. Roll Doors, Spring Suspension, Aluminum Roofs.

Price $2,800                

1992-96 Various Storage / Cartage
Size: 48' & 53'
Qty: 4

Good Solid Older 53' Cartage and Storage Trailers, Roll Doors, Aluminum and Translucent Roof, 22.5 Tires. Prices Starting at $3,900.

Price $Starting at $4,900