NEW 2018 Dorsey Extendable
Size: 48' - 80' x 102
Qty: 1 Remaining

NEW Dorsey Extendable Flatbeds, 48' - 80' Stretch, Spring Ride Sliding Tandem, 24" Kingpin Setting, Sliding Winches, 22.5 Steel Disc, 4" Cross Members on 12" Centers, LED Lights.

Price $35,950 FET Included                

NEW 2018 Dorsey Combo
Size: 48' x 102"
Qty: 3

Brand NEW Dorsey Combo Flatbeds, 10'2" Spread on Air, Coil Package, 4" Steel Cross Members on 12" Centers, Electric Dump Valve on Rear Axle, (12) Sliding Winches, Pull-Up Chain Ties, 11R22.5 Steel Disc.

Price $25,950 FET Included                

NEW 2018 Dorsey Lift Kits
Size: 36' x 102
Qty: 1 Remaining

NEW 36' Lift Kit Trailers, Set Up for Moffett or Princeton Style Lift Trucks, Fixed Air-Ride Tandem, Aluminum Tool Box, Headboard, Sliding Winches, Apitong Floor with Cross Members on 12" Centers. Great Delivery Trailers.

Price $SALE - $29,800 FET Included                

NEW 2018 Dorsey Forklift Kit
Size: 45' x 102
Qty: 3

New 45' Forklift Trailers, Fixed air-ride Tandem, 22.5 Steel Disc, 48" DOT Steel Headboard, Aluminum Toolbox, Sliding Winches. Set-Up for either Princeton or Moffett lifts. IN STOCK

Price $30,900 FET Incl.                

2016 Dorsey Combo Drop Deck
Size: 53' x 102
Qty: 1

Nice 2016 Dorsey Combo Step Deck, Rear Axle 2-Position Slide for Tandem or Spread Configuration, Pull Up Chain Ties, Sliding Winches, (1) Aluminum Tool Box. Nice Late Model Drop Deck Flatbed

Price $28,500                

2013 Great Dane Combo
Size: 48' x 102
Qty: 1

Solid Late Model Combo Flatbed, 10'2" Spread on Air, Sliding Winches - BOTH Sides, 22.5 Steel Disc, (2) Aluminum Toolboxes Mounted Between Spread on Each Side.

Price $17,900                

2012 EAST All Aluminum
Size: 48' x 102
Qty: 4

Nice All Aluminum Flatbeds, 10'2" Spread on Air, Some w/ Headboards, 22.5 Outside Aluminum Wheels, Sliding Winches, New Aluminum Sturdy Lite Toolbox. $22,500 with Steel Wheels and No Box.

Price $23,950                

2008 Utility Steel Frame
Size: 48' x 102
Qty: 4

Good Steel Frame Flatbeds, AIR-RIDE Sliding Tandems, Tire Inflation System, Wood Floor, NEW Aluminum Headboards, 22.5 Tires on Steel Disc, Sliding Winches, New Complete Paint Job, Lease Maintained.

Price $13,950                

2006 Utility Steel Frame
Size: 45' x 96
Qty: 1

Solid Steel Frame Flatbed, Sliding Spring Suspension, Aluminum Headboard, Sliding Winches, Steel Frame w/ Wood Floor. FHWA Inspected.

Price $9,500                

1989 Great Dane Curtainside
Size: 45' x 96"
Qty: 1

Decent Low End Curtainside Trailer, Sliding Spring Suspension, Swing Doors, Aluminum Roof, Aluminum Wheels on 24.5 Tires.

Price $7,950